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Questions From The Sky

Questions From The Sky
by Hung Liu

For over thirty years, Hung Liu has borne witness in her paintings to the tribulations of everyday people, past and present, and their hidden stories of social injustice. She grapples with issues of self, society, and politics, as well as the challenge of reconciling disparate cultures. Her works fuse deep Asian history and aesthetics with contemporary methods and perception. This book documents her multimedia exhibition at the California Museum of Art in San Jose. In this very personal and poignant installation, she contemplated the cycles of life and death and the span of memory. The central work, Silver River, was a 70 foot long mural, intended to be transient and painted over. This book preserves a complex and moving exhibition by one of the greatest artists of our time.

64 pages, 11.2” x 15”, hardbound

ISBN: 978-0945367895

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