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Drawings for Tattoos Vol. 2

Drawings for Tattoos Vol. 2
by Don Ed Hardy

Presenting the second volume in the Drawings For Tattoos series.This book presents a lavish array of Hardy’s drawings and tattoo art designs for custom tattoo commissions–ideas that were never tattooed, works from early childhood, and works from his art school days. All are placed in the context of an essay about how the impulse to draw is at the core of tattooing as a medium. Many works created for custom commissions include breakthrough pieces from the late 1960s and early 1970s. These were responsible for tattooing’s present-day global explosion. Examples of designs’ evolution through various stages provide a never-before-seen document of Hardy’s process. A majority of the works are reproduced actual size.

15.25″ x 11.25”, 88 pages, hardbound

ISBN: 978-0-945367-42-0